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Lets see how long your muscles hold out...

Wholesome Addiction: Podcast 346: This week on the show we learn and explore things. For instance, did you know that a water fountain isn’t called that? Do you hate Canadian Beer? Is a story about Maverick from Top Gun completely not moving on and becoming ‘That Guy From High School’ a strange thing that makes you uncomfortable, but you don’t know why?

Join us on the show as Beef has more sass than usual as we discuss all this and procuring the services of professionals at adult establishments on episode 346!

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nice collar with cow bell

Andrea had set a new record for most demotions in a six month period.  Before Brentwood she had been a newly minted ob-gyn--supposedly very full of promise. 

Once inside Brentwood, Andrea showed very little of that promise.  She failed out of the Thompson Finishing School after only a month, proving that she was not wife material.  She lasted slightly longer at the Merry Maids Academy, but due to her lack of domestic skills and her unwillingness to take instruction, she soon also failed there.  Next she was transferred to the Happy Paws Obedience School to be modified and trained as a puppy girl.  She lasted a few months there, but as before her belief that she was "too good" for the new life she had been given caused her to fail.

Finally, when it seemed like there was no place for poor Andrea one of the farmers agreed to take her on as a milker.  Andrea was renamed Bessie and her new owner quickly started her on hormones make her yield milk.

Weak from being milked five times a day, Bessie finds it hard to cause trouble in her new role.  Spending five to seven hours a day in the milking stall, sleeping for twelve hours, and spending most of the rest of the time with her face in a trough, leaves her little time or energy to be a bother to anyone. 

Bessie hates her new life and hates the farmer who owns her, but she knows that she is completely dependent on him now.  Perhaps someday she'll understand that even though she's just a dumb, lowly milker, at least she's finally contributing in the way nature intended!